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Have a website but not the right audience? Well, you need a strategic search engine optimization(SEO) plan. Do you know a maximum number of Google users do not even visit the 2nd page of search results, which means you will have to work hard to let your website rank on the 1st page of the Google Search Result Page? It can be done organically only through Search Engine Optimization, a process that helps websites to rank well on the search engines such as Google.

It is a long-term practise that requires a technical person who understands Google terms and policies. At the same time, who can create strategies that work for Google.

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On-page activities

On-page activities are the ones that ensure website optimization including image optimization, keyword optimization, embedding title tag modifiers, and including LSI keywords and content optimization. Also, the on-page SEO professional ensures that the website won’t load slow and give a great user experience to the visitors. On-page SEO personnel ensure that there are no issues in the website operations in terms of SEO. If the users are happy, Google is happy!

Off-page activities

Off-page activities are not directly related to the website. They are done off the website in order to rank up the website. These activities include backlinks creation, reviews and recommendations, off-site references creation, Google My Business listing, guest blogging, link submission, forum posting, etc.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. Without keywords, nothing can be done as the Google bot gives you rank on the basis of keywords. It is the only way Google bot checks your service relevancy with the Google Query and ranks the website accordingly.

Search engine marketing or Google Ads

SEO is a long-term process. However, you can rank your website at the top by running an advertisement on Google Search and other supporting websites. It improves your website reach, traffic and overall conversion rate. It is the best way to generate good leads for your business.

Google Ads has its own platform where it caters to all your advertisement requirements and tell you the amount that you will have to invest for the ads in order to get the results from the top search engine of the world.


Content Marketing with a passion.

Your first impression is the last one. Make it impressive with the richness of content

Whatever you write, play and display on the website is content. Your clients will first get impressed with your content and then, will see your work. In the last, they will decide to contact you. If your words are not impressive and relevant to your business, you may lose a potential lead. Thus, content is an integral part of marketing.

Content marketing demand has already increased enough to not ignore as a part of digital marketing services. If you also want to benefit your business with content marketing, contact us today.


Our content marketing services include:


Our experienced and versatile content writers can provide unique yet well-researched blogs to showcase your field expertise and help you rank your website on the first page of the search engines.

Website content

Website content is the crucial one as it is the first impression the customer has on your business, Our team will ensure to give the content that will lead to desired visitor actions.


Articles are more well-researched pieces of content that require writing skills as well expert opinions. We have writers who have worked in different industries. Their knowledge and excellence will add sparkles to their words and your website.

Social Media content

Not just the images that work like magic wands on Social Media. Content plays an equivalent role to entertain and convince the viewers to take the desired actions. Those who understand this, create the content with suits all social media content requirements.


While explaining your business offering to the customers you must ensure that the writers choose the right words and that the readers interpret them correctly. Choose TheExalterTechs, make the right choice! Not just this, we do anything related to content…

If you also want to rank first on the Google search results page, contact us today to discuss a customized SEO and content marketing plan for your website.

Digital Marketing

Market where the customers are!

If you want to upscale your existing business or start a new business, you need digital marketing. In this technological era, there is no substitute for digital marketing as the internet is there in everyone’s hands. Most people nowadays buy things online. Thus, if you are not marketing where the customers are, there would be no business in the future. Do not worry, we will not drain your bank accounts, just minimal charges to justify our team’s efforts for your brand’s growth.

Our services include:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Marketing Analysis